Alec Soth《Gathered Leaves》明信片

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這盒明信片裡的影像,是從美國攝影家Alec Soth自2004年起出版的四本攝影書中摘錄的作品。盒內除了28張明信片,還有一本小圖冊,並收錄Aaron Schuman和Kate Bush的文章。這份由英國MACK出版社出版的明信片,伴隨Soth的一項名為「Gathered Leaves」(聚集之葉)的巡迴展覽同時發行,題目源自美國詩人Walt Whitman於1855年發表的一首詩〈Song of Myself〉(我自己之歌),意味著Soth以書頁聚集思索,以及其作品概念同時也是關於他自己的故事。

Alec Soth(1969-)受到矚目並於國際藝壇快速崛起,始於他在2004年發表的第一本攝影書《Sleeping by the Mississippi》(與密西西比共眠)。這本書經數次再版後,已經絕版多時。Soth的這本書,不只體現了他變換表現著美國本土生活中微妙而極度個人的故事這等不凡的影像能力,更是推展我們現在正在經歷的攝影出版浪潮的早期重要事件。他接下來陸續出版的兩本也很成功的書——2006年的《Niagara》(尼加拉)和2010年的《Broken Manual》(破損的手冊),以及他於2008年自己創設的出版社「Little Brown Mushroom」為個人出版帶來的影響,都為Soth奠定了他以出版書本做為攝影表現形式的重要地位。Soth近期於2015年發行的《Songbook》(歌本)也似乎再度成功重返主流出版。

Gathered Leaves Postcards consists of a luxurious 4C printed box containing 28 postcards of seminal images from the four major bodies of work which Alec Soth has published as books since 2004, combined with a booklet containing illustrated text by Aaron Schuman and Kate Bush. This MACK Postcards set accompanies a touring exhibition, the title of which comes from Walt Whitman’s poem Song of Myself [1855] and references both the pages of his books gathered for consideration and the notion that his work is also a story about Soth himself.

Alec Soth’s meteoric rise to international acclaim began with his first book, Sleeping by the Mississippi, published in 2004. The book has sold through numerous print runs and has long been out-of-print. It embodies not only a moment in which a new and original voice emerged with an unusual ability to transpose subtle and highly personal stories of local American life, but also marked a significant early event in the photo-book publishing boom we are currently experiencing. The success of his two subsequent volumes, Niagara [2006] and Broken Manual [2010], combined with the hugely influential exploration of self-publishing under his Little Brown Mushroom imprint, have all reinforced Soth’s position as a master of the book form. The recent success of Songbook [2015] has seen a return to the mainstream of book publishing.

《Gathered Leaves》 | Alec Soth | 15 cm x 12.2 cm | 28張明信片及一本小冊 | 2016年 | MACK出版

Gathered Leaves | by Alec Soth | 15 cm x 12.2 cm | 28 postcards contained in a box with accompanying 56pp booklet relating to the exhibition | 2016 | Published by MACK

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Image of Alec Soth《Gathered Leaves》明信片 Image of Alec Soth《Gathered Leaves》明信片 Image of Alec Soth《Gathered Leaves》明信片 Image of Alec Soth《Gathered Leaves》明信片